Defining an organization’s culture often leads to a litany of clichés: “employees are our greatest asset” or “we work hard and play hard.” At Affect, employees are no more assets than they are resources or commodities. If you want to know what truly defines our culture, the answer is simple: the people.

At our core, we are all passionate, hardworking and determined. From first draft to last draft, we understand that our work is our reputation, as an agency and as individuals. Collectively, we see public relations and marketing as vehicles for change and innovation, and we motivate each other to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry on a daily basis. At the same time, we recognize that the quality of our work and our ability to produce results flourishes because we take the time to enjoy our work and each other. Whether we are celebrating professional achievements or personal milestones, we have fun together, we inspire each other and we take pride in one another’s accomplishments.

Most importantly, we are a team. No one at Affect stands alone. We work together in a supportive and collaborative environment to make tough decisions, solve problems and find solutions to our clients’ greatest challenges in ways that not only drive results but also help our employees grow.