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Public relations and social media for technology, healthcare and professional services companies Newsletter #29 | July 2013

Rich Neal to Lead Creative Services at Affect

Rich Neal - Creative Director

Affect is happy to announce Rich Neal is joining Affect as Creative Director. He brings more than 20 years of experience working with a variety of clients on digital and traditional design. Rich has partnered with Affect over the last ten years on countless client projects. Under Rich's direction, Affect is now able to offer creative services in house, from graphic design to brand identity and marketing collateral. See samples of our creative work.

Sandra Fathi at BlogHer
and Ragan's Social Media for Nonprofits Conference


Looking for tips for running a social media contest? Join Sandra Fathi at this year's BlogHer Conference in Chicago on July 26. She will discuss the scheduling, monetary and legal demands of running contests on social media. Sandra will also present at the upcoming Ragan's Social Media for Nonprofits in St. Louis on September 10, on demonstrating the value of social media.

5 Refreshers for Writing an Effective Press Release


PR professionals understand the value of a well-written, timely press release. A crucial part of any successful public relations strategy, press releases provide an opportunity to boost organization visibility and control news that’s being shared. However, before developing a press release, two questions must be answered: Would reporters find the content compelling; and is this the kind of announcement that journalists in your space would like to cover? If the answers are ‘yes,’ it’s time to get to writing! Read Affect Account Executive Katie Shill's byline, originally featured in PRNews here.

Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Industry Report

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner identifies and understands how organizations leverage social media to grow and promote their businesses in its latest Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Significant findings included 86% of marketers acknowledging that social media is important for their business, as well as identifying Facebook and LinkedIn as the two most important social networks for marketers.

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