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Newsletter #14 April 2010

Five Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Foursquare


In conjunction with the first international Foursquare Day, Affect provided five recommendations for businesses to use the burgeoning social network, Foursquare, to enhance their marketing efforts, generate leads and achieve business goals. Taking advantage of this valuable social networking tool can help companies increase brand awareness and drive demand for products and/or services to boost sales.

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Crafting a Social Media Policy that Encourages (Not Stifles) Engagement

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way many consumers and companies communicate and even conduct business in recent years. These changes have brought tremendous opportunities, as well as risks, for both sides. Organizations that engage in social media, or even those that have chosen not to engage, need to have a social media policy in place to help support their objectives. Most companies have viewed social media policies as a vehicle to restrict use and access by employees rather than provide a roadmap of best practices and desired participation. Even entities that are hoping their workforce will become brand ambassadors through social media struggle to find the balance between protection and promotion.

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Attending PRSA Big Apple Awards?

PRSA Big Apple Awards

The New York chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) will be hosting the 23rd annual Big Apple Awards on Thursday, May 27th at the Hudson Theatre inside the Millennium Broadway Hotel. These awards will highlight the outstanding strategies, tactics, results and individuals in the industry for programs created in 2009 and implemented anywhere in the United States. Recognized as the most prestigious award for Public Relations in New York, the Big Apple Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the great work and best practices of your peers. Affect President Sandra Fathi is chairing this year's event.

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How Will We Measure It? Social Media vs. Advertising

Implementing social media is one thing, but how are you going to measure it? And more importantly, how are you going to demonstrate its value to your clients?

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