For a B2B tech communicator, the simple phrase “upcoming product launch” can kick start an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and anxiety. Tech launches are usually unpredictable – with moving deadlines, evolving product features and functionality and a last minute race to get to market. So what’s a tech PR pro to do? Affect has got you covered. We talked to reporters at major tech pubs, investigated the needs of the sales team at launch time, took a deep dive into the metrics for success and created the ultimate guide to launching your B2B tech product.
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Data breaches, DDoS attacks, ransomware, malware, botnets, and more – it seems like not a day goes by without one of these cyber security threats splashed across the front page of the news. This isn’t surprising. Today, cyber security is one of the top priorities at almost every company. Organizations from LinkedIn to Home Depot, Wendy’s to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have all fallen victim to hackers. As a result, the security and technology media landscape has become one of the most competitive out there, with reporters battling to be the first to break the news of the latest attack and industry leaders vying for an opportunity to provide color commentary.
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SPOTLIGHT ON HR TECH: 5 Things Reporters Want From You Today

HR_Tech_Tip_SheetThe HR tech industry is booming, but many companies in the space are still having a hard time getting media coverage. To get to the bottom of what HR reporters really want to cover and how companies can craft these stories, we surveyed some of the top reporters in the industry to ask them what works, what doesn’t, and what companies need to know when pitching them.
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Analytics on Steroids: How to Use Social Media Data to Gain Business Intelligence, Support B2B Brand Strategy and Prove ROI

Analytics_Tip_Sheet_CoverIf you’ve read any of the latest articles about B2B social media or attended a conference on digital strategy recently, you’ve likely learned about a variety of advanced tactics and tools for proving the true value of social media efforts. You’ve heard that it is no longer enough to simply have a presence and consistently report on social efforts. It’s critical to have implemented a more tangible and results-focused system for consistently reporting and proving the value of your efforts to the c-suite.
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90 Seconds to PR success Video Series

videosWe know it’s difficult to find time during the day to learn new skills and expand upon your communications arsenal. That’s why we created “90 Seconds to PR Success.” In under a minute and a half, you’ll be able to learn new techniques or brush up on your communications strategies. The video series includes everything from how to execute a social media contest to tips for crafting clear messaging.
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Content Marketing: How to Develop a Content Strategy to Drive Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing Results

As businesses increasingly become hubs of information on everything from industry trends to customer needs, the production and distribution of relevant content is a powerful was for companies to reach their target audiences. Content marketing is increasingly becoming the norm in a media landscape comprised of savvy consumers with shorter attention spans, but a recent Forrester report found that while 85% of marketers now publish branded content, only 36% think that they are actually doing it effectively. it’s time for organizations to envision the real possibilities of content marketing. In this report, we break down the ins and outs of content marketing with an eye towards building a content strategy that drives all aspects of an organization’s communication efforts – from marketing and social media to PR, sales and new business development.
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Data-Driven Headlines: A Guide to Using Data to Drive Media Coverage

Data_DrivenWhile a strong narrative lies at the heart of every successful media relations campaign, in a culture where data is pervasive, the use of numbers and statistics can be an especially persuasive way to tell a story. Big data – the collection, storage and analysis of high volumes of complex information – has gone from insider terminology to mainstream. When it comes to using data to build a successful public relations campaign, however, you don’t need an army of data scientists, statisticians and analysts to get the job done. In this report, we focus on how to put different types of data work in order to drive media coverage and increase your organization’s share of voice.
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Crisis Management in the Social Media Age: A Guide to Integrating Social Media into Your Crisis Communications Strategy

From lewd photos of senior management on Facebook and Instagram to proprietary information leaks posted on Twitter and LinkedIn, in the age of social media, the number of potential crisis scenarios has increased exponentially. What’s more, because social media happens in real time, it takes just minutes for a crisis to spread and reach the masses. In spite of this increased vulnerability, social media engagement need not be a source of anxiety for the C-suite. In fact, it can also be a vehicle to stop a crisis in its tracks. In this report, we break down best practices for integrating social media into your crisis communications strategy, and focus on how to leverage social media tools to mitigate harmful events that could have long-term consequences for the health of your organization.
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Social Media Success Series

Social media is now an integral part of nearly every company’s marketing plan, but we’ve had many businesses approach us with questions about how to use social media effectively, which platforms will help them meet their marketing goals, and how to tell if their social program is really moving the needle for the business. The Social Media Success Series is a collection of tip sheets on best practices and effective strategies for businesses engaging in social media. The tip sheets – which include everything from how to enrich your company’s Facebook page to what to include in your measurement matrix – offer strategies and tactics on a number of platforms that can help businesses leverage social media into their communications and marketing efforts.
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Top 10 Tips Series

Top10If you’re creating a new marketing or PR program for your company or just looking to refresh it, this series is for you. In the Top 10 Tips Series, we share some of our best tips for launching a successful, comprehensive PR program, including best practices for media relations, crisis management, surveys, and contests – as well as tips for how start-ups can start their PR program off on the right foot and maximize their results with a proper foundation.
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