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Affect’s 2017 Professional Goals and New Years Resolutions

By Meredith Ulrich | On December 23, 2016


The difference between a good job and a great job is, I believe, doing something that you are good at versus doing something that you love. More specifically, doing something that continually makes you want to be better.  Here at Affect, I am lucky to be surrounded by a group of talented professionals who have great jobs, who challenge themselves to better their careers and produce outstanding work for their clients, team members and the industry.

Below are the professional goals and New Year’s Resolutions from our team at Affect— resolutions that we feel will make us more productive, creative and skilled in our line of work.

Sandra Fathi, President

“In 2017, my goal is to continue to nurture and grow the strong, smart, talented team at Affect, help our clients gain market share through outstanding PR in the New Year and strengthen my own technical and leadership skills to propel our company to the next level.”

Melissa Baratta, Sr. Vice President, Healthcare Lead

“In 2017, I will strive to help clients become even more creative storytellers. Attention spans are getting shorter – both on the consumer and B2B side – and companies need to become better storytellers than ever before in order to engage their target audiences. We also need to think outside the box in terms of medium, and it’s a goal of mine to work with clients to expand their toolboxes beyond earned media, looking at avenues like microblogging, native advertising, sponsored content, promoted social, video, etc. to make sure their stories are heard.”

Katie Creaser, Sr. Vice President

“My professional resolution for 2017 is to be more fearless – I want to help my clients execute bold public relations and social media campaigns and take calculated risks for high return. The public relations industry is evolving rapidly and I want to make sure that my clients are taking advantage of the all of latest tools, methodologies and innovative ideas.”

Brittany Bevacqua, Vice President

“In 2017, I’ll be helping my clients take bigger (calculated) risks and experiment with newer platforms/media outlets to get their unique stories told. I’ll also be challenging myself and my team members to learn new skills and best practices that will help us better-serve clients and become even more well-rounded communications professionals ourselves.”

April Boykin-Huchko, HR Manager

“In 2017, I want master the latest Adobe Photoshop and make sure everyone takes advantage of their professional development stipend. Would also like to see us all flex our business improv muscles and own the anti-comfort zone in keeping our audience on their toes.”

Katie Vroom, Sr. Account Supervisor

My new years resolution is to provide my clients with strategic counsel to help them achieve their business objectives in addition to securing them their dream media placements and out-of-the-box PR program ideas to take their brand awareness to the next level.”

Lulu Li, Account Supervisor

Broaden Your Horizons and Explore!  It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but it’s important to explore your surroundings too. There are so many associations and passionate professionals in every city. As part of Affect’s new Boston office, my hope is to become more involved in the PR community of this city and grow Affect’s presence in the New Year.”

Cameron Lisa, Sr. Account Executive

“My professional New Years resolution for 2017 is to get involved. Our business is all about relationships, and we work in one of the greatest, most diverse cities in the world. In 2017 I hope to become more involved in our industry, not just by attending outside events, but seeing how I can add to the conversations being had online and at conferences, and even start some of my own conversations and share my thoughts on new trends. I also want to improve my writing skills, like novel level writing!”

Meredith Ulrich, Account Coordinator

“In PR, we spend most of our time designing ways to showcase clients and gain recognition and awareness, and we are used to working behind the scenes.  Affect is teeming with talent, diversity and creativity. In 2017, I want to showcase the talent of the team at Affect while building new skills and learning best practices in the industry.”

In a year that has brought about a great deal of change, and at such a natural time to make important changes in our lives for the year ahead— what are your professional goals for 2017? 

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