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Breaking Down Value Based Care – What You Need to Know

By Aanchal Desai | On April 17, 2018

The healthcare industry is evolving every day through digital transformation, research, becoming more patient-centric, and payment reforms. One of the most important recent changes the industry is facing is the shift from a fee-for-service to a value-based care model. This system focuses on reimbursing physicians and hospitals based on patient outcomes rather than on the volume of healthcare services they provide.

As this shift continues to take place, healthcare organizations and providers are faced with seemingly constant changes in payment requirements, systems, and laws they must keep abreast of and comply with. It can be complex and at times confusing and somewhat daunting, but it’s critical for professionals across the continuum of care to be in the know on this important topic.

Join Affect and the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association (HBA) at: Understanding Payment Reform with the Transition to Value-Based Care for an intimate discussion with industry experts from Johnson & Johnson and Baruch college about:

  • How the United States is currently paying for healthcare and how it’s changing – and why
  • What industry leaders need to be prepared for
  • What could be exposing your organization to risk, and how to address it
  • Challenges regarding measurement with the value-based care system
  • Where the healthcare industry is headed with value-based care to control costs and increase value

Our own Melissa Baratta, SVP and President of the HBA Corporate Relations Center of Excellence will be moderating the panel discussion. Come learn more about value-based care, how it is changing the healthcare industry and network with industry experts!

Click here to learn more and register. Hope to see you there!

Disclosure: Affect is a sponsor of this event.

Aanchal Desai