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Keeping Growth & Development in Focus

By Affect Team | On January 6, 2014

Affect Employees Share Their Professional Goals

At Affect, we place a lot of importance in continuing growth and learning at every level.  Here’s what some of our team members shared when asked about their professional goals this year; proof that you’re never done growing!

Katie Creaser, Vice President: Make time to be creative everyday. It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day PR functions, but I know the value of a Big Idea, and the impact that it can have on our clients. My resolution is to infuse my own work with unique thinking and encourage my teams to think bigger in 2014.

Carol Lee, Account Supervisor: Be more mindful about thinking strategy. This will require taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture. While it’s important to be in the trenches of daily PR tasks, it’s the strategy that will help drive efforts to be successful.

Katie Koenig, Senior Account Executive:  Foster new ideas for social media even if things are going smoothly. I’m going to try infusing fresh ideas on all social accounts throughout the year. Whether it’s collaborating on a Twitter chat, developing a new follower strategy, or determining a better way to engage.

Lulu Li, Account Executive: Get on the phone more with reporters and attend more industry events. Today everyone is email heavy, but some reporters find it refreshing to hear from us via phone.  This can go a long way in earning great coverage for clients. Additionally, I look forward to utilizing my conference producer background to help clients on-site at events.

Jess Sims, Account Coordinator: As I enter the next phase of my career, I want to hone my management skills so that I can add more to my teams and begin to manage others one day. I also want to deepen my media relationships so that my email is not JUST another one and a resource reporters look forward to seeing.

Whatever your goal, make sure it is something you can do a little bit each day so that you can be rewarded with the results throughout the year.

Affect Team

As VP of HR & Operations, Regina Pyne is responsible for running the day-to-day operations at Affect, including finding ways to make the company more productive through its business operations and human resource management. She also handles recruiting for the agency; creating and implementing policies; staff development and management; benefits and contract management and operations management. Before transitioning to her role in HR and Operations, Regina worked on the client side as an Account Supervisor, where she managed PR accounts and provided strategic counsel to B2B technology and healthcare clients.