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By Affect Team | On February 7, 2014

Happy Friday and welcome to Tech Affect’s “Friday News” round up for the week of February 3rd. We have all of the biggest stories and top trending pieces in the world of public relations, social media and marketing from this week:

  1. CVS took a HUGE gamble and decided to ban cigarette sales from their stores; was the revenue loss worth the PR gain? Ragan Health explores:
    In ending cigarette sales, CVS risks revenue loss for PR gain
  2. Are you planning on tweeting during your lunch break? You might want to read VentureBeat’s rules first:
    9 things you need to know before using social media at work
  3. It may sound a little sci-fi, but we really are getting closer than ever to “neuro-marketing”!
    Is Neuromarketing Coming of Age?
  4. The PRSA Tactics blog wonders if brands are tweeting too often and too recklessly, do you agree?
    Are Corporate Twitter Apologies a Result of Tweeting Too Often?
  5. Are you a cool brand?, do millennials like you? If not, Bulldog Reporter has got 4 tips to ramp up engagement:
    Are You a Cool Brand? 4 Tips to Reverse Millennial Migration from Facebook

Do you have any news you want to share? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @teamaffect!

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