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iintoo Selects Affect as its Public Relations Agency of Record

July 31, 2019

Global Real Estate Investment Network and Management Company Joins Affect’s Technology Practice

NEW YORK, April 8, 2019Affect, a public relations agency specializing in technology, healthcare and professional services, today announced that it has been named U.S. public relations agency of record by iintoo, a leading real estate investment management firm. Affect will launch a strategic media relations program to generate market awareness and interest in iintoo’s unique social investment network for exit-oriented commercial real estate investments.

The iintoo platform gives accredited individuals access to commercial-grade real estate opportunities that were once exclusive to professional financiers and high net worth individuals – removing barriers to entry that are often associated with the space. The company specializes in grouping global investors into sizeable, multi-million dollar positions in commercial grade real estate investments like hotels, student housing, multifamily complexes and storage facilities. Unlike others in the industry, iintoo provides an additional layer of security for investors who are seeking the safety of protection for their investment through its innovative Equity Protection1 Investment Community platform.

“We approached Affect with very specific public relations goals that are directly tied to our business objectives,” said Shoshana Winter, Managing Director, iintoo. “The team created a strategic plan that allows us to launch our PR program quickly with storylines and content that resonate with potential investors and stakeholders. We’re excited to partner with Affect and look forward to an aggressive communications effort.”

“iintoo provides a level of accessibility and inclusivity that is sorely lacking in the real estate investment market – and we believe in their mission to democratize the space by creating secure opportunities for a new pool of investors,” said Katie Creaser, Senior Vice President of Affect. “We’re thrilled to add a dynamic company like iintoo to our technology portfolio and look forward to sharing in their continued growth and success.”

With a focus on accredited investors, Affect’s PR program for iintoo will build critical business momentum through executive visibility and thought leadership, competitive positioning and an aggressive media relations strategy comprised of rapid response pitching and creative content generation.

For more information on the scope of Affect’s technology practice, please visit: https://www.affect.com/award-winning-technology-public-relations/

About Affect

Affect is a public relations firm based in New York. Established in 2002, the company specializes in technology, healthcare and professional services. Affect employs a results-driven approach to communications, crafting one-of-a-kind programs to help clients achieve their business goals. As year-round strategic counsel, or a single project resource, Affect leverages its creative talent, unique experience and forward-thinking insights to achieve the precise results that clients seek. For more information, web: www.affect.com; blog: www.techaffect.com; Twitter: @teamaffect.

Disclaimer: 1When iintoo refers to “Equity Protection” iintoo is referring to an arrangement where iintoo epiic GP LLC, the general partner of each covered issuer (“Covered Issuer”), promises that, even in the event the underlying project is not profitable or records a loss, the investor in the Covered Issuer shall receive a specified amount equal to the original principal investment he/she/it provided (less other amounts already received by such individual investor during the course of the investment) subject, however, to significant limitations including but not limited to repayments for losses in the Covered Issuer are only made up to a maximum amount of funds available from the retention account and the policy (where such policy limit may be less than the total amount invested), repayments are on a first come, first serve basis, and losses are aggregated across Covered Issuers subject to the same retention account and policy.  iintoo epiic GP LLC, and not investors, is a party to the policy with Everest Insurance®.  As a result, investors have no direct legal rights under the policy.  In addition, beyond use of the Equity Protection proceeds from the retention account and the policy, neither iintoo epiic GP LLC nor the Covered Issuer has any obligations to indemnify investors for losses.   For more information, please see iintoo’s “Business of the Company—Equity Protection” and “Risk Factors—Risks related to the Equity Protection” in any of our issuers’ private placement memoranda.