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Affect President Sandra Fathi Discusses the Industry on PR Council Podcast

By Geena Pandolfi | On August 23, 2019

Affect President, Sandra Fathi recently sat down with Kim Sample for an interview on the PR Council Podcast and talked about how she got started in her career, why she opened Affect 17 years and what it takes to be a successful PR pro in this age, especially in the B2B tech industry. As the PR industry is changing Sandra discusses her thoughts  for developing specialization within a firm, finding your niche as an agency and tips for new graduates on the job hunt. Click here to listen to the interview.

*Pictured: Affect President, Sandra Fathi, circa 1986 in the prom dress she sewed herself. Sandra mentions the dress as one of the many times she had to ‘hustle’ to figure out how to do something she’s never done before and take on a challenge. 

Geena Pandolfi