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Affect #TrendWatch: Hot Topics in Cybersecurity

By Geena Pandolfi | On October 27, 2017

Reporters that are covering cybersecurity across business, vertical and trade publications have one major thing in common – they’re always looking for strong sources on emerging trends and hot topics. Understanding what security reporters are interested in right now, preparing opinion/commentary and being available as a source will keep your company in the news and enable thought leadership on topics that are critical to your business.

Here are five hot media trends to watch in cybersecurity right now:

  1. Blockchain: Blockchain is predicted to impact all industries – from finance and banking to education. Blockchain tech is also being widely discussed within the cybersecurity and tech trade publications. According to Forbes, Blockchain offers, “a totally different approach to storing information, making transactions, performing functions and establishing trust, which makes it especially suitable for environments with high security requirements and mutually unknown actors.” It’s the perfect time for an op-ed on blockchain with specific examples of how it may disrupt cybersecurity.

Sample Coverage:

VentureBeat – Blockchain’s brilliant approach to cybersecurity

Forbes – 3 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

  1. Cryptocurrency: Directly tied to the increase in ransomware, journalists are examining the role of cryptocurrency in cyber extortion. Hackers have also been “mining” cryptocurrency since the currencies are usually untraceable. Reporters are examining the new security threats that will inevitably emerge as cryptocurrency rises in value.

Sample Coverage:

Fortune – Cryptocurrencies May Be a Dream Come True for Cyber-Extortionists

WIRED – Your Browser could be Mining Cryptocurrency for a Stranger

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Right now, it seems that enterprises are always chasing yesterday’s hack because they simply can’t keep up with emerging threats. Some say that AI is the solution to this issue and is the future of cybersecurity. AI is a newer, slightly controversial topic for sure (e.g. its impact on jobs, the resources it requires, etc.) and there’s an opportunity to insert opinion and thought leadership for or against it.

Sample Coverage:

WIRED – Firewalls don’t stop Hackers, AI Might

CNET – Stop cyberattacks. Just add robots

  1. Breaking Hacks: It seems like a new hack or data breach happens everyday. Reporters are asking us to find sources every time a new threat emerges. For example, were recently able to secure coverage around the recent Equifax hack for our client Zenedgein S. News and World ReportDark Reading and InfoSecurity Magazine.  They key to commenting on breaking threats is speed, inside knowledge on the threat or direct expertise in the affected industry.

Sample Coverage:

The New York Times – The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

TheStreet – Cyber Insurance Could Lower Risk of Hacks Before an M&A Deal Is Completed

  1. Cybersecurity and the Trump Administration: Regardless of your political beliefs – reporters are watching the Trump administration to understand where they stand on cybersecurity and the policies they will roll out. There has been buzz that the administration is not paying enough attention to this issue – and reporters were quick to cover the implications around recent resignations from the cybersecurity council. Reporters are looking for cybersecurity authorities for feedback on where they think this administration is heading and predictions or ideas on future policies.

Sample Coverage:

Naked Security – Trump’s cybersecurity advisers quit, warning of ‘insufficient attention’

The Verge – Members of Trump’s cybersecurity council resign in protest

The cybersecurity space is incredibly crowded and competitive – and companies with strong opinions on big trends will stand out to reporters. Need help figuring out how you can fit into the conversation? Contact our team at info@affect.com.

Geena Pandolfi