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How I Got the Hit

By Katie Koenig | On February 21, 2014

Publication: U.S. News and World Report
Article: Justin Bieber’s Arrest: Addicted to Wealth and Power?
Client: Caron Treatment Centers

US News

Goal: The goal of the pitch was to dig deeper into Justin Bieber’s recent actions to offer commentary from our client Caron Treatment Centers, which is a nationally recognized nonprofit provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The angle we wanted to take with this pitch was how Justin Bieber’s latest actions may have been caused by something other than the normal antics of a 19 year old. In the beginning stages of these types of breaking news stories, the positioning is imperative – we can’t speculate what happened without all of the facts, but we can offer up a source who can share a variety of factors that could be contributing to the behavior.

Strategy and Tactics: With story hijacking, time is of the essence and we knew the media would be so saturated with this story, so we needed an interesting slant on the topic. Everyone was quick to slam Justin Bieber, from gossip sites to parenting publications, but what people weren’t talking about was the potential addiction to wealth and power that we’ve all become familiar with given the recent blockbuster hit, Wolf of Wall Street. We positioned the story as: Justin Bieber may be addicted to wealth and power, causing him to lose touch with reality and have a disregard for the law.

How I did it: While I’ve established a great relationship with this reporter, I still needed a way to get her attention. I knew what I needed was a quick subject line that was straight to the point, and contained a unique angle. My plan worked – an interview was scheduled with our expert that same day.

Results: Coverage appeared the very next morning the news broke as a two page, full feature about Justin Bieber, featuring commentary from only one expert, our client. Not only was it a solid piece of coverage, but the angle was unique when comparing it to the other stories that were written at the time. Given our established relationship with the reporter, she also linked to a few other pieces about addiction that she had previously written in the past that also featured our experts, giving our client even further exposure.

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