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Keeping Employees Motivated: A Checklist

By Regina Pyne | On June 4, 2013

Organizations often have the misconception that “one size fits all” when it comes to keeping their entire staff motivated. However, all employees, whether entry, mid or senior-level, require different tactics for staying motivated and feeling appreciated. No matter what the method of choice is, it’s critical that it drives the individual and shows concern for their staff.

Just remember, everyone has one common goal: achieving success. That said, it’s imperative for an organization to take an active role in helping their employees succeed. In order to yield happy workers, companies need to keep the goals and what motivates each specific level in mind to ensure productive work and higher retention rates.


Here are 5 tips to guarantee an enthusiastic and driven team:

  • Know the staff

Taking the time to understand the personality of your staff is a fundamental factor for company-wide satisfaction. Although it’s harder in a larger organization, make the effort to get to know your team and learn what stimulates and inspires them. They’ll appreciate the interest taken in them and you’ll establish a stronger relationship with them.

  • Create customized programs

Gear programs and activities towards the average demographic. If your staff includes people of a wide age range with varying interests, make sure what you plan is fair for all and doesn’t favor only one end of the spectrum.

  • Consider the size of the company

As an organization expands, the responsibility of keeping sentiments high needs to travel down the chain of command. Don’t put too much weight on anyone’s shoulders – distribute the mentoring and training responsibilities equally so that everyone receives the proper amount of attention.

  • Make check-ins a regular part of the week

No matter the level, there’s always going to be a point when an employee will want to talk about their professional development. Establish consistent check-ins to make sure no one’s feeling overwhelmed or not challenged enough.

  • Classify the safe zone

No matter the rank, your staff needs to know they have a person they can go to help problem solve. Establish a safe zone during check-ins (within reason, of course) and ensure the conversation is confidential and judgment-free.

Here at Affect we focus on motivating our employees and consider maintaining high morale a top priority. Although other aspects of the business may take precedence, keeping staff challenged and inspired should be at the top of your to-do list. A supportive work culture keeps sentiments high and shows employees that they’re valued.

What are some of the ways you maintain a positive culture and foster motivation?

Regina Pyne

As VP of HR & Operations, Regina Pyne is responsible for running the day-to-day operations at Affect, including finding ways to make the company more productive through its business operations and human resource management. She also handles recruiting for the agency; creating and implementing policies; staff development and management; benefits and contract management and operations management. Before transitioning to her role in HR and Operations, Regina worked on the client side as an Account Supervisor, where she managed PR accounts and provided strategic counsel to B2B technology and healthcare clients.