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The Homestretch: Three Last-Minute Strategies for End of Year PR and Marketing

By Katie Creaser | On November 30, 2018

The holiday season is officially underway – and amidst the joy and merriment – many tech marketers are scrambling to meet their communications goals while supporting Q4 sales efforts and planning for the year ahead. If you feel like you’re falling behind – it’s not too late to execute a last-minute content strategy this December to get results and set up success in 2019.

If you’re still on the hook to get results before January 1st, try these strategies that focus on proactive content development:

  1. Industry Trends and Predictions: Focus on thought leadership in December by interviewing executives to gather their thoughts on the biggest industry trends and predictions for 2019. These predictions can be used as content for every channel – from your blog to social media to proactive press outreach. The key to success here is to be bold with ideas that are fresh, compelling and based on the work that your company does everyday.
  2. Vertical Market Focus: Support sales efforts by placing bylined articles in vertical-specific trade publications. Work with the sales team to prioritize audience segments and buyer personas to craft a story that will help them get in front of prospects. Make sure that the topics are timely and compelling, vendor neutral and showcase your unique insights into your customer’s pain points and challenges. This effort also supports thought leadership for spokespeople – empowering them to share their point of view and build visibility where it matters most for sales initiatives.
  3. Op-eds: A passionate opinion on a timely topic will always have a place in the news cycle. What does your company stand for? What does your CEO care about? Does your spokesperson have a point of view that’s counter to the majority? What is your battle cry or call to action for your customers in the new year? Putting a stake in the ground with an op-ed or thought piece can be a strong way to close out the year. Note that a good op-ed isn’t for the faint of heart – it requires your spokesperson to take a side and stand up for what they believe in. The final product can be an extremely rewarding way to generate interest in your company.

December is also a critical month for planning – take some time to dig into business objectives, sales goals and lessons that you can carry into Q1. Need some inspiration? Shoot me an email (kcreaser@affect.com) and let Affect help you finish the year strong.

Katie Creaser

Katie is a senior vice president at Affect, where she provides counsel to clients that are looking to bring PR and social media into their communications program as part of a thoughtful, holistic strategy. Katie works closely with Affect’s technology and healthcare clients to ensure that their value resonates with customers by creating compelling content for every medium. Prior to joining Affect, Katie served as assistant program manager for the Capital Roundtable, an event production company for the private equity, investment banking, venture capital, legal, hedge fund and professional advisory communities in New York City.