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5 Things You Can Do Now to Boost Visibility

By Carol Lee | On December 11, 2014

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, increasing visibility for your organization is a constant uphill battle, especially in an over-saturated market. However, promoting your business and staying top-of-mind with customers, partners and prospects doesn’t always have to require large budgets or extensive teams to execute. Here are five proven tactics you can do now to help boost the visibility of your organization:

1. Make an official announcement

Are you launching a new product or service? Did you hire a new executive or select a new board member? Is your organization involved in a community/charity event? Did your company recently win an award?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider issuing a press release about the news. One of the benefits of a press release is that it allows you to disseminate the information to the masses, or to a highly targeted market.

You can easily raise the profile of your company, products and/or services by promoting your brand in a well-crafted press release. Just keep in mind that a press release is only useful if it gets you media coverage, so make sure that the news you’re announcing is newsworthy or provides compelling information.

2. Consider social media

If your organization doesn’t have a social media presence, consider making yourself visible in this new media realm, especially if your target audience is on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Understanding where your target audience is and choosing the right social media platform is key to gaining visibility in your market. From there, develop various strategies on how to best communicate to your audience, and of course, include metrics on how to measure the effectiveness of your program and campaigns.

Or if you already have a social media presence, consider conducting a social media audit to learn what the public is saying about your company, what your competitors are doing, as well as understand just how effective your current social media program is. You can easily escalate your visibility through a simple audit on your existing channels.

3. Speak at an industry event

Tech, banking, healthcare, retail – no matter which industry your business is in, each market hosts numerous conferences and tradeshows throughout the year. Is there a particular show that your organization has frequently exhibited at? Or is there a conference that you’d like to participate in because it draws attendance from your target audience? If so, apply to present at these events.

Many conferences offer a “Call for Speakers” or “Call for Presentations” where companies can nominate speakers or propose presentation topics for an upcoming event. Note that while some shows may require a payment to speak or present, many conferences accept nominations and submissions at no cost.

Speaking at industry events provides multiple benefits – from increasing company visibility and networking to establishing thought leadership and engaging with prospective customers.

4. Contribute an article

Numerous publications take contributed articles from industry leaders at various organizations. If you have a compelling topic you want to write about, share the idea with an editor of a selected publication. If the editor thinks the topic will resonate with the publication’s readers, your topic will be accepted and you’ll be invited to contribute an article.

Note that most publications have specific guidelines on contributed pieces, particularly around word count, exclusivity of content, and deadlines. Also, almost all publications require that articles be vendor-neutral and not self-promoting.

The key to writing a compelling piece is to discuss a hot-button topic or trend as it relates to your respective industry. The more you sprinkle in your opinion and weave in your perspective around an issue or idea, the more engaging your article will be. And as a result, you establish yourself and your company as a thought leader in your space.

5. Pitch an interesting story idea

Do you have exclusive data or stats that will benefit your community? Did your customers experience a critical challenge that your product or service helped them address? Is there breaking news that you’re able to comment on? Think about a unique story idea that relates to your company, an industry trend, or your community, and pitch that idea to the media. (If you need inspiration for your pitch angle, click here to find out how to come up with a creative topic and story idea for your pitch.)

If the media is interested, they’ll cover your story idea and may even include you as source for their piece. Not only will you gain creditability with media, you’ll garner added visibility for you and your company.

Carol Lee

Carol is a Sr. Account Supervisor at Affect, where she manages account programs and provides clients with strategic counsel. As a public relations and corporate communications professional, Carol develops and executes media relations, branding and marketing campaigns for her clients in both the B2B and consumer spaces. Prior to joining Affect, Carol was a senior account executive at Rogers & Cowan, a premier global entertainment and technology firm, where she led successful public relations activities for various clients in the technology, digital and interactive entertainment sectors.