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Grow Your Social Media Impact

By Lulu Li | On October 9, 2013

Social media is well past its infancy but it is still easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of options available. From blogs to social networking sites, podcasts to multimedia, the possibilities are endless. In order to optimize the results of social media efforts for your company, it is important to send the right messages, to the right audience, through the right channel.

This can be challenging and requires continuous upkeep. As a social media and PR agency, Affect has helped develop and execute tactics that work. Here are some foolproof strategies to ensure you are successful, regardless of which path you choose.

Understand Each Channel

Social media is an umbrella term. Beneath it are many types of channels, each used in different ways to achieve different goals. It is key to understand the uses of each, and then choose and prioritize the channels that matter to your company. For example, while Twitter is a great way to keep up with important people in your industry and comment on interesting articles, the character limit makes it hard to fully capture lengthy and elaborate announcements.

Understanding the tone of each channel is also essential. Some channels are more professional, such as LinkedIn, as people use it to network and search for jobs. Other channels are a bit less formal, such as Instagram, as it connects individuals with similar interests through photos and videos.

Offer Accessibility

The most well intended efforts could go to waste if no one sees it.  Thus, your social media sites should be publicized and easily accessible. The simplest way to direct users to a site is to have a linked icon that provides easy click-and-done access from your webpage and other company materials. This way, if a customer is interested in a new product update on the main website, they can click on the Facebook link to update their friends, and then click on the Twitter link to follow your company for future products.

Be Relevant

When a customer chooses to interact with your business via social media, they are looking for particular information and have certain expectations on what they will find. It is incredibly important to present information that is relevant to your industry and company brand. This will not only tell customers that you value their time, but also help establish your page as a reliable source, and your company as an industry thought leader.

Stay Innovative

Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices – that means smaller screens and around the clock connectivity. Ultimately, customers are inundated with messages and expect engaging new features and timely content. In order to gain the attention of busy customers, companies need to constantly think creatively and provide the customers with what they want.

Two trends are currently taking affect in the mobile space: interactivity and visuals. Since mobile browsing enables readers to scroll, tap and zoom, there is opportunity to add additional features to your social media channels. Features such as multi-angle images of products, tutorial videos and “buy-now” buttons help to provide convenience for the customer and speak more about the company.

Measure Results

For all the work put in, it is equally important to analyze which efforts have worked, which deserved continued resources and which should be scaled back. Each channel should have certain benchmarks, such as the number of followers gained per week, how many check-ins per month and the overall impact on your brand image. By constantly analyzing the results, you can perfect the social channels that work.

In all, the power of social media can ensure greater brand recognition and bigger bottom lines for your company. By abiding by the rules-of-thumb above, rest assured, your company is on the right path towards social media success.

What channels have provided your company with the most success? And what strategies have flopped?

Lulu Li

Lulu is a Senior Account Executive at Affect, where she brings deep experience in high-tech and entrepreneurial PR as well as expertise in conference and award program production. Lulu works closely with clients to generate and achieve business goals, specifically in the areas of content development and media relations. Lulu joined Affect from Boston-based fama PR, where she contributed to the media relations and thought leadership programs for a diverse group of clients including those with specialties in software data storage, personalized email marketing and analytics, digital retail media and interactive consumer technologies.